"one meal a day"

: Butter coffee to replace breakfast and lunch

1. Efficacy of 1 diet per day

2. 1 day 1 Outline of eating habits

3. 1 Daily Flow of Diet (Example)

4. OK or NG

5. important point

6. Item, food introduction

7. Link etc.

1. Efficacy of 1 diet per day

I spend the day with one meal.

Then you can control "daytime sleepiness", "appetite" and "body fat".

You must not be dominated by desire.

Do not allow your desire to go wrong with you using yourself.

You control the desire.

  You use desire to enjoy your life.

2. 1 day 1 Outline of eating habits

Do not you feel sleepy after eating lunch?

Do you feel sick with intense exercise just after eating?

There are multiple reasons, but one big reason is one.

Digestion and absorption of solid food requires blood, oxygen and nutrition.

And more than you can imagine, more blood, oxygen, nutrition is necessary.


So, I stopped eating solid foods in the morning meal and the meal in the day.

However, "not to eat" is not a solution.

Your body "saves" you when you need less energy and vitamins.

When your body is saving, body fat does not decrease. My head does not move well either.

So, you have to "substitute".

I am drinking "butter coffee (bulettproof coffee)" in the morning and the afternoon.

By doing so, you can ingest enough energy and vitamins.

And we enjoy the evening meal without restriction. That is my everyday life.


Did you think that cereal, carbohydrates and saccharides are insufficient in this life?

I believe that this is enough and I am enjoying my life with that diet.

Cereals, carbohydrates and carbohydrates are "hard to handle" foods than you think.

You may have eaten grains or saccharides too much.

It is not because your will is weak.

The "addictive" of grains, carbohydrates and sugars is very high.

However, "risk" is low, it is safe as it is not strongly toxic except fat.


In contrast, "healthy oil" is poorly toxic and easy to handle.

Furthermore, "healthy oil" is very easy to digest and absorb.

And, while using oil as energy, you can use body fat as energy.

In order to lose weight, it is necessary to enter "fat combustion mode".


Oil is not a nutrition for the brain?

That way of thinking is wrong.

Oil (body fat) is converted into nutrition called "ketone body" in the body.

"Ketone body" is the energy that the brain can use.

However, "carbohydrates" and "carbohydrates" are also necessary.

Especially sleep, tears, mucosa, muscle growth.

For these, "carbohydrates" and "carbohydrates" are very useful.

Therefore, you need to ingest the necessary amount of carbohydrates etc.


Are you a growing child, a pregnant woman, a high athletic athlete?

They need a lot of "carbohydrates" and "carbohydrates".

Let's ingest them well without excessive consumption.


Are you a businessman?

If you are a "businessman", you just take a small amount of "carbohydrates" and "carbohydrates" at night

It's okay.

Lastly I will write important things.

It is not your responsibility to become fat or sleepy.

You do not fully understand "carbohydrates" and "carbohydrates", "healthy oil" and "unhealthy oil".

3. 1 Daily Flow of Diet (Example)

6:10 wake up


6: 20 Meal 1 Salt water

Water (0.5 cups)

Salt (small amount)

Vitamins (2 tablets)


6: 30 meal 2 butter coffee (bulettproof coffee)

Coffee (1 cup of cup)

Ghee or butter (large spoon 1)



10:00 15 minutes break or meditation


12:00 30-minute nap


12: 40 meal 3 butter coffee (bulettproof coffee)

Coffee (1 cup of cup)

Ghee or butter (large spoon 1)


Vitamins (1 tablet)


15:00 15 minutes break or meditation


17: 45 meal 4 "Your favorite things"

(People who want to lose weight refrain from carbohydrates and carbohydrates)


18: 30 meal 5 "missing thing"

Vitamins (2 tablets)

Protein (1 glass of cup)

Kuril Oil Supplement (1 grain)

Zinc supplement (1 grain)

Arginine and citrulline supplements (1 tablet)

Ornithine supplement (1 grain)


"What is missing depends on your diet"

"Nutrients that tend to be deficient in your country are roughly determined"


20: 45 15 minutes break or meditation


23: 30 meal 6 "before bedtime"

Honey (small spoon 1)



24:00 to go to bed

4. OK or NG

supplement. Change it OK.

I will recommend this supplement if you are a Japanese.

If you are not Japanese, another supplement may be effective.


However, please be conscious of vitamins to reduce solid meal.

In case of

lunch. Change it OK.

First, I was drinking butter coffee only at breakfast.

Let's have lunch for it if you want to increase the solid meal.

But let's take carbohydrates and saccharides at night as possible.

That is because it is easier to control body fat and appetite.


dinner. Free and OK. "Be patient" is "bad thing".

However, if body fat control is the objective, reduce carbohydrates and saccharides,

Please increase protein and vegetables.

(Be careful not to bear your patience!)

Let alcohol take "fun amount".

5. important point

Please be sensitive to changes in your body.

And, if the change is sudden, please adjust the amount etc.

If you feel that it will not fit your body, please slowly incorporate.

Or give up and try different ways.


With the ghee and butter as the main energy source, the environment of your intestines changes greatly.

In the middle of that, you need to "trial and error on your body".

Instead of a doctor, not a family, you analyze the change in your own health condition.

And, you adjust the nutrition you ingest as necessary.

It is not a diet magazine but a diet television program, not a diet television program, you will be responsible for your body and become an administrator.


You need to memorize another important thing.

This menu called butter coffee is the "world's best breakfast".

"World's Best Lunch".

It is by no means a "meal to eat" meal.

My patience is an enemy of a diet. Patience is a human enemy.

Let's keep in mind that you do not always endure.

Let's think that if you feel patience, you can substitute something else.


When the intestinal environment etc. are in place and the body gets used, "body fat" "drowsiness during the day" "serene brain"

You can control these three.


Finally one.

During your blood test, "total cholesterol / LDL cholesterol level" will be measured high.

 (Neutral fat and HDL cholesterol levels will not rise)

This is a number that is common in people restricting carbohydrates.

There is not enough data as to whether it is safe in the long term, so the conclusion has not come out yet.

However, I do not care because all the other blood tests are evaluated.

6. Item, food introduction

MCT oil. It is called medium chain fatty acid. It is the main ingredient of "coconut oil".

It can be said that it is a burning material to make the body "body fat burning mode".

It will be a trigger to fuel "my body fat" with ghee and butter.

When trying to reduce body fat without taking MCT oil, the body tends to enter the starvation resistance mode.

Gee. (Clear butter)

"Can be stored at ambient temperature" is very useful. If possible from grass - derived (Grass Fed).

Because it is responsible for 5-60% of the energy of the day, fine quality is good,

The balance with price is also important.

Grass fed butter is hard to obtain except frozen products.

If it is frozen butter, it will be difficult to maintain the taste of coffee.

Coffee mill. Hand mixer.

Coffee beans.

Although it likes it, if it is not enough in the deep roast system, it will not match the oil of Ghee.

To make it "world's best breakfast, lunch", do not compromise, with specialty coffee. In case of

Aero press. (Metal filter)

Drip coffee can not be delicious without technology.

Aero press realizes high-level taste easily, and easy to clean up.

To enjoy coffee oil as much as possible, definitely a metal filter.

Salt (morning only). Part-time (multivitamin) ✕ 2.

We consume these in water. Let your blood always be in the desired state and concentration.

If you take a perfect meal every day, multivitamins are unnecessary.

But, for 99% of people who are not, an artisan is a powerful ally.

7. Link etc.

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