"How to search"

You do not have to study to learn knowledge. Learn how to draw knowledge from the world.

1. Significance of search

2. How to search

3. Various searches

4. Points to remember

5. Introduction of website

1. Significance of search

When you search on the Internet, you can find the correct answer from all over the world.

Let 's live by using the correct answers you have searched for for you now.

When you challenge new things,

When you are in trouble and there is no one to depend on,

Search becomes your power.

Let's learn how to use it.

2. How to search (google)

Firstly, look for the mark on the smartphone screen and press it.

Search left by entering letters and search right by voice.

 After that, enter the word you want to search in the square, and execute it.

Then the result is displayed.

Try looking at three or so links for the time to read what seems to be the best.

3. Various searches

In google search, you can do various searches with words, blanks, words.

Let's examine the cryptographic currency as an example.


"What is encryption currency"

 You can search for what the encryption currency is like.

It is effective for grasping the outline.


"Encryption currency wiki"

You will be able to go to the famous dictionary website on the Internet, wikipedia.

Although wikipedia is not all right, it is very effective to know lightly.


"Encryption currency English translation"

I understand how to write that word in English.

Knowledge tends to be biased in English on the Internet. Let's learn how to write in English.


"Why crypto currency"

With this, various reasons come out. I understand exactly how it affects by words.


"Encryption currency"

If you do not enter the next of the blanks, you know "what everyone is searching for".

If you understand what everyone tried to know, you can read everyone's actions.


"Encryption currency amazon"

It is effective when you want to buy a book to study encryption currency. There are things that I do not understand with only the net.


"Encryption currency image"

You can see the image of the cryptographic currency. You can also go to the page where the image is used.


"Encryption Currency Movie"

You can search movies. There may be study, entertainment, songs.


"Encryption currency tax"

With this, I understand the tax of the encryption currency. Arrange the words you want to know with two spaces in between.


"Encryption currency map"

It is effective for finding locations of shops and companies.


Even if you search by these, you can not be an "expert in encryption currency" at once.

However, it can be about "student of cryptography currency department".

You do not have to be afraid of "do not know" anymore. Let's challenge.

4. Points to remember

Truth and a lie

The book has many truths and few lies.

The Internet has more lies than books.

Let's compare three search results, four.


There are many things that knowledge gathers in English on the Internet.

When it was not searched very well with your own words,

Let's search in English.

5. Introduction of website

If you search by the words shown below, you can go to a representative web site.

Depending on the policy of the country there may be no suitable page.


google  It is an American search site. There are various services such as translation and mail.

百度  It is a search site in Baidu China region.


google maps  Map search site. However, be careful not to use it if there is no radio.


facebook  It is an American community site. Look for former friends and find new friends.


 twitter  This is a short-lived US community site.

微信  It is a short sentence community site in the confidence Greater China.


YOUTUBE  It is video site. Studying, entertainment, singing, garbage and so on.


amazon  It is a shopping site.

alibaba  It is a shopping site in Chinese style.


wikipedia  It is a wikipedia online dictionary site.


msn  It is a multi-language news site.